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Full-Service System 

Why choose us?

Full-Service is a start to finish transformation of your space, led by an interior designer. This service includes a 4-step process consisting of the consultation, design development, design presentation, and implementation, allowing our clients to sit back, relax, and enjoy the final results stress free. 


Full-Service is great for clients that are in the Charlotte, NC area in need of complete design assistance and interested in investing in the transformation of a life time.


Also, we offer varying levels of design curated to your individual need making our interior design approach comfortable and convenient for you. 

So long to the days of sketches and 2D images to display interior design ideas and hello to 3D rendering! It offers our clients top tier services and a realistic presentation of their custom design plan.

The 4-Step Process

How it works.



1. Send us an inquiry

2. Fill out the full-design questionnaire

3. Following the completion of your questionnaire, you will receive an email with instructions on how to
schedule a quick phone call. The purpose of this call is to get to know you, answers any questions you may have, provide more info about us and our design process.

Initial Consultation


The initial consultation consisting of us simply getting to know each other, as well as us getting acquainted with your space. The consultation will be located in your space and we will take measurements and photos at that time. In addition, we will discuss the scope, ideas, existing furniture, budget, and develop a timeline. To schedule a consultation, click 'BOOK NOW'.


Design Development


The fun part! Taking into account your vision for the space, we will take a few days to formulate a design plan including your color palette, shopping list, and more. We will then schedule a meeting with you to present our ideas. 

Design Presentation


This phase is when we present to you our plan for your space using a floor plan, images, vision board, etc. An initial presentation will be presented as a rough draft meant to gain feedback from you. All adjustments and changes to the design plan will be included in the final design presentation.



Once the client approve of the design plan, we will move forward with handling all details for you including: scheduling, ordering, and hiring contractors if needed. Lastly, we provide on-site installations and finishing touches to complete your beautiful space!


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Interior Design
Interior Design

Gastonia, NC

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