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What is E-Design?

Is it right for you?

E-Design is an interior design service that is delivered completely online. It is a simple, cost effective way to hire an interior designer without retaining the commitments of full-service interior design.


E-Design is perfect for individuals that desire design assistance, out of town, and/or prefer a contactless transformation due to COVID-19. It is required that you are comfortable with measuring your room (s), ordering all online items, hanging, and assembling furniture.


We have formulated various packages to choose from that includes a mood board, shopping list, and floor plan that'll equip to create a beautifully designed space all 100% online! Click here to shop the E-Design packages.

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Shopping List

Three Simple Steps

How it works.


Design Package

Choose an E-Design package by clicking here, add it to your cart, and purchase. To prepare for the next step, review these instructions on how to measure, sketch and take pictures of your room(s). You will need to upload them to the questionnaire.



Complete this questionnaire to help us learn about you and your space. The questions will include budget, style, room info, and more in 4 to 6 minutes. Upload all photos, sketches, and measurements in this questionnaire. Also, your design plan will not be started until the questionnaire is complete and package is paid for.


Design Plan

Relax and leave the designing to us. This is the final step where we come up with a master design plan for your space. Please allow 7-10 business days to receive your design plan by email.

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