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About Us

We strive to add value to your living spaces by combining functionality with state
of the art interior design, home decor, furniture restoration and reupholstery.



To be a globally recognized interior design company, providing innovative interior
designing with superior quality finishing.


Founder & CEO

Khadijah Johnson


I’m Khadijah Johnson, an experienced but most importantly a passionate interior designer and decorator, born and bred in the city of Charlotte, NC.


Most of people are not so fortunate to live their childhood dreams. My passion for interior designing developed in my early childhood. From playing games which included a lot of rearranging and decoration of furniture to helping my mother decorating and ornamenting our own home. Ever since those days this passion and interest stayed with me as I moved away for college and for my very first apartment, I took the matter in my own hands to decorate. But it was when I first built a piece of furniture from scratch, a satin ivory headboard with crystal tufted buttons, that’s when I knew that this is going to be an important part of my life and I had to pursue it as my career.

We at Elements Interiors realize that each and every individual is unique within their choice of design and decoration. And we are motivated to serve everyone according to their special needs. 

Flexible and cost effective interior designer

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We Donate To Charity

We're happy to say that we support The Sentencing Project, a Washington, D.C.-based research and advocacy center working for decarceration or to reduce the use of incarceration in the United States and to address racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

Thanks for shopping with us! You are helping make the world a better place with your purchase, because we donate 5% of our total yearly net income to The Sentencing Project. The issues are:

  • Sentencing Policy

  • Incarceration

  • Drug Policy

  • Racial Disparity

  • Juvenile Justice

  • Women

  • Voting Rights

  • Collateral Consequences

  • Campaign to End Life Imprisonment

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